Barnes Wedding Photographer – Summer Engagement Shoot on Barnes Pond

Barnes Wedding Photographer: Miranda called me only a month or so ago to see if I was free to shoot her wedding in Frome, Somerset in August this year which kind of dispels the myth that modern weddings are booked a year ahead!  Fortunately, with her wedding to James being on a Friday, I had the day clear and was of course delighted to step in.  Miranda and James live in Barnes, West London, and as a ‘dyed in the wool’ Londoner myself, I was only too happy to pop down from the Cotswolds to meet them both and get some nice shots around the delightful Barnes Pond which happened to be near the equally delightful Sun Inn…oh, happy memories.

We really did have the most beautiful sunny day; not squinty eyed cornea burning sunny that most photographers dread but that lovely golden warm glow that is so flattering in pictures. So we tried a few things and it was clear to see that Miranda and James (who volunteered like most people that they were a bit nervous at the start…) were really starting to loosen up and enjoy themselves and, as they say, the camera never lies.

And we had a lovely time: Miranda and James were utterly charming, easy going and fun and I know will be an absolute joy to work for on their wedding day. I’m really looking forward to capturing some fabulous moments for them then but in the meantime here is a small selection of pictures from our Barnes afternoon…