Family Portrait Photographer Cirencester

Family Portrait Photographer Cirencester: Since moving to the Cotswolds from London last year, I was pleased to get my first opportunity to work near Cirencester when I was asked to photograph a mum, dad and their three young boys at their family home. With all three of the little chaps under six, I knew this was going to be a lively afternoon!

As a dad of three myself, I always advise parents that to get the best (most natural in other words) pictures, having a relaxed approach is the best way and not to worry if things are a little raucous because in amongst the chaos will be some really wonderful moments and it’s those that I’ll be looking to capture for them. Thankfully, Mum and Dad had heeded my words of advice and on the day just let the boys do their thing with a few props for good measure – bikes, footballs, etc.

One thing I’ve found is that children, especially the young ones are fascinated by the big black magic box I have dangling around my neck and a great way to get them on my side is to (carefully) let them take a picture themselves! Showing them their own work always works a treat and after that they are putty in the hand. As a result I was able to capture a whole range of lovely family moments and I think the boys did their parents proud.

Here is a selection of pictures from this charming session…