School Photography at St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Gloucestershire

It is not often (well never before actually…) that you get to take school photography pictures of over 300 light bulbs linked together and covered in recycled, individually, painted plastic bottles but that is exactly what I was asked to do at St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Nympsfield. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that 3 of these were painted by my own children but this really was a wonderful site to behold. The weather threatened to literally put the dampers on the evening but thankfully held off and once the lights were turned on, there was an audible gasp from those present. It was actually quite special.

The project was the brainchild of mum/brilliant lighting designer Kate Wilkins whose designs include the opening of the Tate Modern in London.

“The children all painted normal plastic bottles  – turning a piece of disposable rubbish into something unique and precious.  Each bottle laying out the shape of the installation. The trail expresses movement, soft, fluid and fun. Almost akin to the way a child runs around a school yard in random patterns rather than in an ordered line. The process of collecting, painting and install involved all the children, teachers and some very dedicated parents!”   Kate Wilkins

Here are a few of the Light Trail pictures and remember each bottle was individually painted by the St Joseph’s school children…